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Piano Tuning

Piano tuning is a process. If a piano is relatively in tune, it can take as little as an hour up to a few hours for more extensive tunings. If you are in need of tuning, please contact me. With a little information about your piano and its history, an estimate on the amount of time needed to tune can be provided.

General Repair

Some repairs are very involved with a piano, and some are not. If you come across a problem with your piano, feel free to contact me. Some repairs can be done during a routine tuning, while others may take an additional visit.  Free estimates for repairs are always available.

Buying or Selling a Piano

With a network of music educators, others looking for pianos, or people looking to sell their piano, I can help you find the perfect piano for you. If you find one you are considering buying, I offer a piano inspection and can give you a better understanding of the worth of the piano and a reasonable price.

We gladly accept Checks, Cash and Credit Cards!

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